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If you are ready to heal your relationship with food and your body or you want to take that relationship to the next level you have come to the right place.  Through taking a non-diet approach to eating, emphasizing intuitive eating and mindfulness, I will help you to become the expert of your own body and nourish it in a way that not only feels good but tastes good too.
Let me walk alongside you and help you identify your goals so you can make lasting changes, feel empowered in your body, and enjoy food again.

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"We are so grateful for what Jen has done for our son. He was very rigid and inflexible about what he would eat before working with Jen. Thanks to her gentle guidance there has been a dramatic change in his relationship with food."
​- Parents of Client 
“We were really happy with Jen working with our daughter. Our daughter was suffering from an eating disorder and Jen provided great insights to help her achieve a nutritional diet that helped her restore. She was very supportive of our daughter’s struggle with food. She was subtle and kind in challenging our daughter during a very difficult period. We highly recommend Jen, she is a professional whose main interest is definitely the well being of her clients."
- Parents of Client
"We absolutely trust and rely on Jen for the unique and invaluable kind of support she gives to our family.  We are extremely grateful to have her as a part of our lives."
- Client
"Jen takes great care in meeting her clients where they are at, while gently moving them forward towards their nutrition, and wellness goals. She provides supportive guidance that enhances her client’s understanding of Intuitive Eating Principles, as well as assists them with developing a healthier food/mind/body relationship. My clients that have worked with Jen say they regularly feel heard, cared for, and respected. I believe this is due to her tremendous compassion and dedication she has for her clients, as well as her vast knowledge of, and experience with food, wellness, and body image related issues. Jen’s commitment to the individualized journey of each of her clients, and their well-being, is what sets her apart from other professionals in her field."
- Stacy Ippolito, LMFT
"I had the privilege and pleasure to work alongside Jen in an outpatient eating disorders program.  Jen is knowledgeable, professional, warm and welcoming to clients, staff and strangers alike.  I learned a great deal about nutrition, mind/body connection and gratitude from sitting in on Jen's group and frequently collaborating with her.  Jen's kindness, intellect and dedication are apparent in everything she does."
- Summer Yeramian, LMFT 
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